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"Ambas Dham"     
place between the worlds

 Amba is a mythical figure in ancient India who wandered restlessly through the worlds and only found brief peace in a forgotten place (Dham) in the mountains of the Himalayas.


Ambas Dham is a hidden place of power surrounded by wild mountains, rivers and crystal clear lakes of Italy.

A shamanic retreat centre and mountain temple like family guesthouse located in the mountain village of Cheggio.




... a place of refuge for a timeless moment in today's highly transformative times.

The doors of this place are only open at certain times.


Since we also want to live in this place and preserve its magic.


The work is done in small intimate groups and only when the space is open for it.

A special place....

Ambas Dham is located in a former abandoned ruin village which was rebuilt in the 80s-90s in the middle of the wilderness.

Madhuha and Bhakti, parents of Bhavani Devi built the guesthouse Ambas Dham from the ruins.

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