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Monte Salvaje (wild mountain) is located in the Antrona Valley in the mountains of northern Italy.


Thee wild mountain is a hidden place of power in the middle of a former abandoned ruin village in the wilderness of the Alps.

There is the guest house and retreat center "Ambas Dham", where for over 30 years prayers and rituals have been continuously performed.

The energy of  the place is similar to a mountain temple.


The wild mountain offers a refuge as well as an enchanted place for people who are interested in reconnection with nature and consciousness work of various kinds, as well as shamanic practice.

The doors of this place are only open at certain times.


Since we also want to live in this place and preserve its magic.


The work is done in small intimate groups and only when the space is open for it.

More information about the valley





are available for purchase at the "Monte Salvaje SHOP". 



The products stand for high quality and are handmade with great care and respect.



To honor the primordial being of the plant Deva, the medicinal plants are consecrated to the gods and the higher forces before being processed in our mountain temple.

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