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Bhavani Devi

Daughter of the mountains

and dancer on the life path of my heart


My story

From childhood I have been in contact with distant traditions.

My father, a former wandering monk in ancient India and founder of the "Yogazentrum Waldkirch" and my mother, a longtime Vedic astrologer brought me very early in contact with parts of the knowledge of the Far East.

Growing up in the middle of the wilderness in an abandoned ruin village which my family helped to rebuild, I have had a close relationship with nature and its elemental spirits since childhood.


Early on I became interested in healing work.

In 2006 I began to learn different bodywork and massage techniques.


The art of touch accompanies me in my work to this day.

Also Ayurveda, the science of long life as well as areas of the Tantras and its techniques for the expansion of consciousness belong to it.


Since 2012 I am on the medicine path, the work with master plants.

Great teachers for me are the medicine of the sweat lodge, the prayer of the vision quest and the sun dance.


Early I began to organize the work of different healers and shamans, to assist them and accompany them what gave me a deep insight into the art of healing.


An important teacher and companion on my path is Kambo, the frog medicine from the forests of the Amazon, which is part of the tradition of many indigenous peoples living there.

In 2017, Lyme disease broke out in my body and shook my entire system.

The disease stage had progressed to the point that I was completely limited on many levels of my life.

So I had to learn to heal myself.

Kambo was a great support among various other healing approaches, furthermore thanks to this experience I started a deep study of medicinal plants from the European area.

Since that time I have been offering the service of Kambo medicine to other people as well.


Today my center of life is in the mountains of Piedmont at "Monte Salvaje".

There I live and run the guesthouse "Ambas Dham" together with my mother Bhakti


I work with medicinal plants from which I make different products and offer different seminars.


The mountains are my home, family and teacher.

As a guardian of a place of power and a piece of earth I try to grow into a piece of responsibility to serve my beloved mother earth.

However, the greatest medicine of the heart brings me my son and motherhood.


I consider myself a learner on the path of my heart.

Deeply grateful for this path,

which makes me become a dancer in my life.


Aho mitakuye o yasin (For all my relatives)

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